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Following a course in creative photography at the University of New Mexico, Ben Gibson-Cowan, studied documentary photography for two years under Magnum photographer David Hurn at Newport College of Art & Design. Within a month of graduating he had undertaken his first assignment for Time Magazine, and six years later while working under the name of Ben Gibson at the The Observer, found himself described as one of Britain’s leading photojournalists by France’s Photo and Italy’s Corriera della Sera. After leaving the Observer in 1989, Ben went on to work for Michael Rand at The Sunday Times Magazine and has since appeared in many of the world’s leading publications, while covering stories that have taken him to over a hundred countries.

Although a firm believer in being in the right place at the right time, his passionate pursuit of excellence has not been easy. In 1991 he was held hostage for five days in Merca in southern Somalia and in 2003 he survived a serious helicopter crash while on assignment in the former soviet republic of Georgia. Today Ben works under his original name of Gibson-Cowan and spends much of his time working on personal projects the most recent of which is Fearful Symmetry.